Sacred Nirvana is wholly dedicated to wellness holidays. We firmly believe a holiday guided by a caring and nurturing instructor or Acharya, coupled with a beautiful destination getaway, can bring about better living and happiness.

Our Methodology

At Sacred Nirvana, we adopt a healing-based approach to wellness. Our methodology addresses the root as opposed to a treatment of the symptomatic manifestations. Consequently, our wellness programs focus on developing a positive and healthy state of mind which eventually helps the body to heal itself.


We offer exquisitely researched retreats, getaways, holidays, events and activities with clearly defined objectives and well spelt out goals. This enables our guests to select programs ideally suited to them. Our retreats range from a one-night weekend getaway to longer seven-night retreats that provide deeper insight and training into different aspects of wellness.


Our retreats are a combination of physical exercise, yoga, mindfulness & awareness exercises, meditation, art therapy, lectures and conversations. We provide young and experienced wellness instructors a platform to represent themselves and help create a world that is more aware, richer, calmer, and happier.

Holistic Wellness Programs

Apart from retreats we offer bespoke individual holistic wellness programs that are curated for each individual. These are done in conjunction with some of the best wellness resorts across the world.

Our Expertise

Our area of expertise also encompasses Corporate Wellness, where we help companies design specially curated solutions for their teams and environments.

Our Acharyas

Sacred Nirvana is the platform for people dedicating their lives in helping others achieve wellness and to reach out to an audience in search of a better life. Our acharyas are people completely invested in their fields, as yoga teachers/masters, mindfulness coaches, trainers and motivational speakers, physiotherapists and more. They hail from across our country and have practiced around the world.
In the end we have one aim – that everyone lives a healthier, peaceful and happy life. Hence, our motto – “holidays for the soul“.


Sacred Nirvana is one of the best wellness travel companies offering curated holidays to rejuvenate your mind body and soul. Sacred Nirvana is a division of Sacred Dot Tours LLP.

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