Chakra Cleansing


The human body is made of seven chakras or energy centres. Each chakra has a predefined function within the human body and determines how we handle specific life situations, both, inside ourselves and in our interactions with the society. Through external conditions and internal habits, such as long held stress and limiting self-beliefs, a chakra can become imbalanced. These imbalances may develop for a short period of time or they may be long standing. A chronic imbalance usually stems from past experiences, childhood pain or stress. For instance, a child whose family migrates every year to new places can grow up with a deficient root chakra. A weak chakra neither receives adequate energy nor manifests the received energy in the world. On the contrary, an excessive chakra is too overcharged to work in a healthy way and assumes a dominating position in a person’s life.

Cleansing our chakras, regardless of if they have been imbalanced can heal us from many diseases, illnesses and negative influences. Chakra cleansing is the practice of establishing a harmonious flow of energy across our body. A well cleansed chakra can lead to a feeling of happiness, relaxation, increased liveliness and love for oneself.

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