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Create a healthy environment for yourself and your team.

A hectic 9 to 6 corporate work life can very often manage to disrupt the work – life balance that we all actively strive for. In our pursuit to achieve a perfect balance, we very often find ourselves under tremendous stress. Our corporate wellness programs focus on an integrated approach to wellness at workplace. We strive to create an intentional shift from ‘work – life balance‘ to ‘work – life integration’. It’s no more about escaping from work into a faraway fantasy land, but about integrating the important aspects of life with work.

We do this by providing simple, yet, practical tools that can be easily practiced daily even whilst being in the middle of a hectic work routine. Practices like one – minute silence breaks, mindful listening, mindful & healthy eating, simple stretch and breathing exercises, pause before you act technique, appreciation for happiness technique etc. are amazingly simple, yet, have found to be extremely effective in re – kindling inner motivation, maintaining peace & calm, boosting self esteem, inculcating discipline, improving focus & attention and thus, enhancing the overall health and well – being of modern day corporate executives. Some features of our corporate wellness programs include –

  • Simple, yet, effective techniques for stress reduction and overall well – being
  • Highly engaging, multi – pedagogy based learning approach through our workshops
  • Flexible duration of the workshops ranging from 2 hours to 3 days.
  • Workshops facilitated by highly experienced yoga teachers, meditation coaches, consulting professionals, health experts, dieticians, healers and doctors.
  • Regular post – program connect and support through webinars and emails.
  • Transformational Travel experiences embedded into the program
  • Opportunities to be close to nature and connect with your self
  • One to one personal coaching/training options available

All this and much more await you in our experiential corporate wellness workshops. You could join one of our open programs or organize an exclusive workshop for your team.

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