Amongst one of our most relevant wellness interventions especially for corporate executives is physiotherapy and ergonomic based healing. Most of us caught up in the 9 to 6 corporate culture tend to conveniently ignore the tremendous health hazards of a largely sedentary lifestyle coupled with work pressure, unhealthy eating and disturbed sleep cycles. Here are a few check points for you that may help you self diagnose if you need the help of an ergonomist/physiotherapist. Do you feel –

  •  Your muscles being sensitive to pressure 
  •  Pain going down to arms and legs 
  •  Stiff and tightness in the muscles 
  •  Numbness or tingling sensation 
  •  Frequent Headaches 

If you experience most of these symptoms commonly, it might be an indication of repetitive strain injury. Our wellness interventions are designed specifically keeping these needs in mind and cater to equipping you with simple exercises that can treat repetitive strain injury and also prevent it if you are susceptible to it. These workshops can be offered at your company/office premises as well as in an outbound location.

Our trained and experienced ergonomists and physiotherapists will guide you on the correct sitting posture, correct placement of workstation accessories that can support a healthy working environment, simple exercises to do while at work etc.

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