For most of us, if we just pause for a while now and observe, we shall become aware of the continuous chattering in our heads. We are either thinking about the past or the future. The degree to which our imaginations can run wild is at times insane and rather frustrating. Modern day urban life finds almost all of us living and seeking happiness either in a dead past or in an uncertain future thus, resulting in perpetual anxiety and stress.

In our futile struggle to find happiness in the past and future, we nearly always miss the present moment. The reality however is that the present is all we have and it is only in the ‘NOW’ that we make choices and choose to create something beautiful. Being aware of the NOW, this moment completely and fully brings us to a place of presence in which we are deeply connected with ourselves and with everything around us. It is this intimate connection that brings contentment and joy.

Mindfulness is the state of being present, the state of being fully available in this moment, thus appreciating deeply the joy and uniqueness that this moment brings without comparing it to anything else in the past. Living mindfully thus, brings in space for newness and creativity to emerge as we welcome every unknown moment and live it fully.

Our workshops include the simple exercises to practice mindfulness in daily life based on –

  •  Mindful Observation 
  •  Mindful Listening 
  •  Mindful Eating 
  •  Mindful Conversations 
  •  Mindful Breathing 

There is also a special series of programs on ‘Mindful Motherhood’ for all women who are either currently on or are planning to be on the family way in the near future.

Join our forthcoming workshop on mindfulness to discover the power of presence.

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