Seethu TJ / An International Yoga Teacher

Seethu TJ is an international Yoga teacher from the revered T. Krishnamacharya lineage and founder of Enteyoga.

True to her tradition, she offers authentic, curated Yoga experiences, customized to the individual’s need. For her Yoga immersions, Seethu chooses her settings with great care, to help in creating unforgettable, memorable experiences.


As participants’ journey outward by immersing themselves in the local milieu, her Yoga sessions are a journey of discovery, inward into the self. An architect, a classical dancer, and a Reiki practitioner, Seethu infuses warmth, acceptance and humor in her interactions with her fellow yogis. Seethu is also a mother to a 7-year old. She encourages her daughter to ‘be herself’ in all circumstances. Seethu believes that by doing so, the world is a brighter, beautiful place.

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