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The word ‘stress’ is a deception. We, at Sacred Nirvana firmly believe that ‘stress’ is just a state of mind. Because we are totally ill – equipped to deal with the dynamic and fast paced external changes that seem to have become the norm today, we experience stress. Just as a car with an engine capacity of merely 790 cc is totally ill – equipped to run on a formula one racing track, much in the same way, without empowering ourselves, we are unfit to sail confidently through our fast paced lives. Thus, empowering ourselves – our mind, body and spirit is the key to manage stress. Emotional Stress can be defined as below-

Emotional Stress = Pressure of the Situation / Ability to cope with it (Inner Strength)

The higher our inner strength, the lower our stress levels would be irrespective of the external situations that face us.

Thus, the primary focus of our stress relief programs is not on changing your situation or escaping from them, but on providing an atmosphere of care and learning that is conducive for self empowerment. One of the speediest and most effective ways to empower ourselves is through the ancient Indian science of healing – ‘yoga’. The word ‘yoga’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘yuj’ which literally means ‘union’. Thus, yoga is aimed at aligning the mind, body and spirit. By bringing focus and attention to the sensations of breath, yoga can help to lower anxiety levels while also releasing physical tension. When we are stressed for long periods of time, our bodies are flooded with cortisol thereby, leading to a wide range of symptoms such as ulcers, high blood pressure and bone density loss. In addition, too much cortisol can also seriously impact the immune system. A simple way to manage stress, anxiety and depression is to awaken the parasympathetic or ‘rest and digest state’ of the nervous system. Many yoga practices including Anjali Mudra, Sukhasana and slow breathing activate the parasympathetic state. Parasympathetic activation releases built up stress, allowing the mind and body to relax.

Highlights of our Stress Relief Program –

  • Understand and address the root cause of stress
  • Simple and easy tools for self empowerment that can be applied daily
  • Balanced diet recommendations and yoga asnas to keep stress at bay
  • Serene and peaceful surroundings in the lap of Mother Nature
  • Highly engaging workshops with plenty of activity based learning
  • Meditation experience for relaxing the body and mind
  • Nature walks and open hearted conversations

So here is an invitation to live a fully empowered life by nourishing your spirit and giving your body the much needed relaxation it has been craving for. A Stress free life is just a thought away.

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