Weight Management


Overweight and obesity are the number one health hazards threatening the urban society today. Thanks to our sedentary lifestyles, all work and no play attitude, crash diet plans, unhealthy eating habits and a lot more that leads to accumulation of fat in our bodies, leading to abnormally high weight. Many of us are lead to believe that staying away from cakes, bakes and shakes for a month or a couple of sessions at an expensive gym are solutions to unintentional weight gain. However, we cannot escape the consequences of unhealthy lifestyle by blindly following these easy short – cut methods.

Abnormal weight gain is not just a physical disorder but a big indication that our mind and body are not in alignment with each other. Hence, just cutting out calories through a stringent diet plan defeats the whole purpose of weight management. It also makes your body go into the starvation mode thereby, setting the stage for low blood pressure, slow heart rate and a host of other abnormalities.

The practice of Yoga helps us stay more present and become mindful about the choices we make, thus, allowing us to consciously opt for a healthy lifestyle which includes a balanced, nutrient rich diet and enough physical activity. In non-scientific terms, yoga promotes self-compassion and encourages us to honour who we really are. It is this introspection that leads to transformation.
Benefits of Weight Management Program –

  • Increased Self Esteem
  • Higher Confidence
  • Better sleep
  • Better Hormonal Balance
  • Enhanced sexual health & performance
  • Triggers positivity and a sense of well – being

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