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Travel to better yourself, learn to harness your inner energy and learn to be happy again.

At Sacred Nirvana, we recognize that travel is a time for self rejuvenation as it presents you with new experiences which often have the potential to facilitate the process of self – discovery, which can influence your lives in many ways. Thus, our wellness tours are a unique blend of wellness therapies and transformational travel experiences aimed at consciously enhancing your overall health and well – being through specially curated programs that offer –

  • Experiential learning based workshops on health & wellness
  • Interactions with experts from the field of health including dieticians, yoga masters, mindfulness coaches, spiritual teachers and doctors
  • Unique and raw travel experiences that ensure a deep connection with mother nature
  • Opportunities for cultural bonding
  • Yoga sessions and meditation experiences
  • Relaxation for the mind and body through spas, ayurvedic and herbal massages.
  • Thereupatic healing services
  • Practical tools and techniques to remain healthy whilst being in the midst of a hectic modern lifestyle.

For the luxury seekers, all of this is combined with a taste of luxury and exoticism through our choice of exclusive five star venues and customised services, while, for those of you craving a simplistic way of life or looking for opportunities to stretch your comfort zones, we offer a range of programs including wellness eco – tours that promise to keep you connected with nature and the simple realities of life.

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