A Wellness Company

We are a wellness company providing holistic health solutions to people of all age groups and professional backgrounds. We do this by creatively combining travel, the invaluable teachings of yoga, meditation, ancient healing practices and advanced experiential learning methodologies to create highly engaging and effective wellness programs that are sure to leave you inspired.

At Sacred Nirvana, we believe in the power of transformational travel and experiential learning as powerful catalysts for wellness. Thus, we have re – defined wellness and expanded its dimensions beyond the traditional spas and herbal massages. For us, wellness is a state of being, a way of life. Being born out of our parent organization, Sacred Nirvana, which is a boutique travel company, our rich experiences in the field of travel combined with our partnerships with renowned healers, yoga gurus and health experts have helped in shaping our dream of holistic wellness into a reality.

Our Vision

To introduce a holistic approach to wellness and thus, help people change their incorrect perceptions about wellness. To inspire people from across the world embrace wellness as a way of life.

Our Mission

To create rich, unique and deeply transformational experiences for our clients through our wellness tours and workshops, thus, encouraging them to challenge their existing beliefs and embrace a new approach to wellness.

To ensure excellence in all our services combined with a sense of warmth and personal touch.

To engage with experts who use advanced facilitation skills to create a safe space for open sharing and conversations during our workshops, and thus, provide ample opportunities for personal growth and learning.

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